Thrift store on the wrong side of town

I needed some lining for a bag that I cut out weeks ago so I decided to get my butt moving and head over to the thrift store. I also had a coupon to use and didn’t want it going to waste like last months coupon!

It was a buy one get one free so I figured I’d find a lining and find another one FREE! 3 dress shirts, a table cloth, T-Shirt, table runner, and a pair of sandals later…

Anyway the real story is here. I had to drive to the other side of town to get to this thrift store because the next closest one like it is 45 min away. It’s not the best part of town, but I used to go there ALL the time in high school with my buddy Danni B to buy some little boys polo shirts and jerseys, and nothing that wild ever happened on our trips out there.

So I’m following my GPS directions (because I always made her drive so I never learned how to get there myself) and I miss the first parking lot entrance. So I quickly pull into the second driveway only to stop a few feet from hitting a cop motorcycle.

In my narrow vision I attempt to pull around it, only to finally look up and see a stream of cop motorcycles and cars funneling to one area, where they have some guy outside his car getting hand cuffed. Then I look to the other side and see a girl getting handcuffed by another officer. 2 cars had pulled in behind me already and I wasn’t going forward anytime soon, so I swiveled, curved and turned my way out of there so I could go in another way.

I was determined to get into that store and nobody’s crime was gonna stop me! I needed lining for heaven sake! =)

I finally find a parking spot on the other side of the teenie parking lot and I almost hit a homeless looking man who jumps/stumbles into my spot as I’m pulling in. There may have been some intoxication involved.

And standing right in front of my car, as I am getting out of my car, are 3 other fishy looking characters, 2 standing, 1 sitting under the pay phone with his blanket and coffee, chatting with each other and looking back and forth at the crime scene and me. I figured they couldn’t do much to me with all of the police men hanging out there.

And just to complete the whole scenario, I had to walk under the construction ladder they stood in front of the door, to re-do the sign on the wall, above the door. Now I could be wrong, but isn’t that bad luck!

I’m sure I’ll forget all about this when I go there again next month. =)

The trip was worth it though. I got some sweet stuff and I’ve already started cutting!

Keep an eye out! Headbands will be posted soon!

As always ENJOY!

*****Each product is handmade from second hand clothing and fabrics and is completely one of a kind, I couldn’t duplicate any of these bags even if I wanted too! It’s my way of going green and staying in style.

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