I’ve been keeping these headband pictures to myself for…God only knows why! But I think it’s time to show them to you! I’m still working out the kinks, so I haven’t put them up for sale. I’d be embarrassed to sell some of these as is.

But I still think they are so cute and most are cleverly reversible. And I love having new projects to work on in between the daunting tote bags that require so many hours. It’s nice to have a finished product at the end of the day.

Anyhow once I get these lovely lady’s all perfected they can be yours to have and to hold forever =)

*****Each product is handmade from second hand clothing and fabrics and is completely one of a kind, I couldn’t duplicate any of these bags even if I wanted too! It’s my way of going green and staying in style.

As always you can e-mail me at kimB@punKyj.com or leave a comment.

And if you’d like to view my complete collection become a fan of punKy*j on facebook. Or you can follow @pjpunky on twitter.

To purchase visit my etsy store.

Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy these designs by punKyj!

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