I got a Camera and I’m making myself a bag =)

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I’ve been wanting a new camera for a couple months now, I’m talkin one of those I-TOTALLY-KNOW-WHAT-I’M-DOING camera’s.  Where when you carry it places people look at you and your camera and assume you’re taking some awesome pictures.  Well I did some research, and asked a friend to help me do some research and he recommended the coolest camera!  So when  I went to buy it I got a completely different kind that was way more expensive…Yeah…I’m hopeless.  I know.

So naturally, after it arrived, I hopped out of bed and I had a photoshoot with myself in the bathroom.

Isn’t it kind of gorgeous!

And secondly I’ve finally taken  on making myself my very own punKyj bag!  I thought it was about time I was able to show off my stuff when I leave the house.  It’s not finished but it’s well on it’s way!  After one more trip to the fabric store and the arrival of some more hardware it’ll be ready to photograph.

Get excited!

*****Each product is handmade from second hand clothing and fabrics and is completely one of a kind, I couldn’t duplicate any of these bags even if I wanted too! It’s my way of going green and staying in style.

As always you can e-mail me at kimB@punKyj.com or leave a comment.

And if you’d like to view my complete collection become a fan of punKy*j on facebook. Or you can follow @pjpunky on twitter.

To purchase visit my etsy store.

Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy these designs by punKyj!


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2 responses to “I got a Camera and I’m making myself a bag =)

  1. Grant

    Nice camera! And nice bag!

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