Cat’s Giants Hooded and Reversible Scarves

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Cat is a huge baseball fan! And with season tickets to Giants games she wanted to rock a cool orange and black scarf to the games. I couldn’t make her a regular scarf, and I’ve always wanted to make one with a hood, so with a little convincing she jumped on board. Smart move Cat =)

So now she has a rad hooded scarf for her and a sweet hooded scarf for her boyfriend. Sports scarves for couples! This could be big!

They turned out better than I thought and I’m really excited to make more.

Onto how it was made…

I got the Giants lettering from a t-shirt I bought at the Goodwill, and bought the fleece from the fabric store, because any scarf you get at a thrift store has probably lost that soft feeling we long for when we put scarves around our necks.

I’d never made a hood before, so I made a pattern from one of my favorite sweatshirts, and honestly just had to figure out what I was doing as I went along. Then added the Giants lettering onto the edge.

I love this hooded scarf so much I might have to make one of my own =)

Thanks for stopping by! And Enjoy!

PS What’s you’re favorite team? Let me make you a hood! =)

And that beautiful male scarf model is off the market. Sorry ladies. Lucky me =)

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Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy these designs by punKyj!

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