Taking it Outside

Today KP gave me a tutorial on Web design/html code/Dreamweaver…When I got home it was a bazillion degrees and even hotter in my non-air conditioned house.  So I made an enormous glass of decaf iced coffee, went to the back yard, stole some neighbors internet since mine is down and started to work.

I had to keep telling myself, “my 12 year old niece can do this, so can I!”

I’ve been getting little tidbits here and there on how to build a website for a couple of weeks, but when I say I know nothing, I mean I DON’T KNOW NOTHING!

So after I learned what a server was (please don’t ask me to prove my knowledge =/ … )  I had to learn what “Coding” was.  Look at examples on other websites.  And was even pop quizzed!

I was sent home with an assignment to make a “Products” page.  (Yes, KP gave me homework.) And although I was taught about “Hyperlinks” today I realized when I sat down at my laptop an hour after my webpage session that I’d forgotten 90% of what I’d learned and had to make a quick phone call to ask
“Ummmm…So how do you start working on a new page?”


“OH!  Got it. =)”

The only thing that ended up on the page were 12 pictures WITH titles =).  But this was after I deleted my page 2 times on accident, 1 time on purpose and a whole column of pictures when I clicked a random button, then my eyes started to burn.  And here I am 8:45pm and ready for bed!  But at least it was cool outside!

Am I the only one who feels like a technological fool?  Or have you ever felt like this too?

Anyway feel free to check out my progress at www.punKyj.com !


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4 responses to “Taking it Outside

  1. I so know the feeling. I’m currently in the process of revamping my portfolio site and I’m having to reteach myself everything that I can’t remember from school ( in my defense, my teacher was horrible).

    My biggest suggestion is investing in library books on web design for newbies. These books lessen the headache. And if you don’t want to read, there are instructional dvds that have step-by-step tutorials about web designing.

    • Thanks Kiera! I will definitely be checking out some books this summer as there is NO way I’ll be able to figure it out myself =)

      And good luck revamping your portfolio! I’ll say a prayer for you =)

  2. I remember panicking that I’d fail a core requirement computer class senior year of high college and jeopardize graduation! In that class, we learned the basics, but I have a mac and everything is taught on PC. This stuff’s grueling and I’m hiring someone to design a site for me.

    • I would love to hire someone to do my site for me! You’re lucky =) Since I’m going to have to post new products all the time I don’t want to have to pay someone every time I need an update.

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