Zandra’s Custom Jumbo Boxer Tote!

I actually had two meetings with Zandra about her tote bag!  The first time we also met with Ashley and Imee, and just spoke about what she wanted because she didn’t have any fabric/clothes picked out yet.  The second time we hashed out all the details and of course went to “Sweet Sundae’s” to build our own frozen yogurts YUMMMM!!!

Zandra is a busy girl.  She goes to grad school, works at a restaurant, does an internship at a hospital, and still manages to keep it all together somehow!  With that said she needed a  large sturdy bag to tote around all of her life in.  Work clothes, School books, laptop, pens etc…

She brought some items for me to see and choose from and I was very impressed at how well everything matched.  She brought over 2 pairs of cargo pants, her dad’s boxers (that he never wore! =) jean shorts, and sweat pant shorts, the last two of which I didn’t need.

The Front and Back face are made from the boxers, and the lining, as well as the side panels, and laptop divider are each constructed out of 2 pairs of cargo pants.

Because cargo pants are made with so many pockets to begin with I was pretty much off the hook in the pocket making area, but it did make for some interesting episodes while in the cutting process!  For the side panels I cut right over the back and front pockets on the pants so that each panel would have it’s own unique pocket.

For the inside pocket I used two back pockets, and reconstructed them into one long pen and pencil pocket.

The inside divider is filled with a 3/8″ foam piece to protect her laptop.

And the straps have been majorly reinforced!  =)

This tote turned out better than I originally thought and all the colors look wonderful together.  I hope it’s as functional for Zandra as she needs and that she gets a ton of use out of it!  It’s built to last =)

Can’t wait to see it filled with all her goodies!  Enjoy it Zandra!  I had a great time making it here on the Vineyard!

*****Each product is handmade from second hand clothing and fabrics and is completely one of a kind, I couldn’t duplicate any of these bags even if I wanted too! It’s my way of going green and staying in style.

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3 responses to “Zandra’s Custom Jumbo Boxer Tote!

  1. Zandra Cebuano

    Kimmy thank you so much for making me the BEST tote ever! I used it for school today and it is seriously perfect! It was super sturdy for all my heavy textbooks, the cargo pockets were totally functional for all my stuff especially my bulky blackberry, oh and i stuck a pencil in every slot!! i can’t wait for school tomorrow so i rock my awesome punkyj jumbo boxer tote!! you are seriously amazing at what you do =) love you lots!!! muah!

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