The Disaster of Sewing with Coffee!

I can’t believe what I just did! I’m working on Kirk’s Magic Messenger, the one that’s been kicking my butt all summer, because this lovely man wants a messenger bag that converts into a backpack. Anyway I have all my stuff laid out, I’ve begun working on the straps, set my coffee on my night stand next to my computer and decide I need to upload some pictures before I go any further. Something told me not too…

Of course I didn’t listen.

I go and grab my camera, and go to take my computer off of the night stand and WHACK! My computer cord completely takes out my coffee mug and an entire cup of coffee baptizes my entire workspace! Including my sewing machine and Kirk’s straps for his bag!

In my shock, a part of me wanted to leave everything the way it was so I could document it all on camera, but my small logical side knew how stupid that would be considering my sewing machine is digital and it was all over the wood, floor, my fabric, and of course my beautiful (and I’m sure expensive) bedspread cover.

So after being literally frozen for about 30 seconds I sprint to the kitchen to get paper towels to clean the mess.

The good news is that his Gore-tex fabric really IS water and coffee proof =) Although, the cotton shirt I’m using did absorb it pretty well and I’m sure his bag will now smell like coffee (fat free hazelnut coffee anyway =)

At this point I don’t think the damage will be TOO bad. I’m just hoping it didn’t do major damage to my sewing machine, because if that’s the case I will definitely be out of commission for the summer until I get back on the main land in September and that would be NO BUENO!

So here’s to no liquids near my workspace!

Here are some photo’s I took of the after math.

This is what it looked like before I dumped the whole cup onto the floor.  Note how the black cord is behind the cup, so when I lifted the computer…Done.

This one was after I sucked it all up with paper towels, soaked the duvet cover in Oxy stain remover and wiped down the sewing machine. *sigh*

I blame this on my mom.  I get my clumsiness from her!

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