By kimB has arrived!

I’m starting over friends!

Well that’s a lie, I’m just changing my company name to By kimB.

DON’T WORRY!  punKy J isn’t going anywhere!  I’m basically just adding this onto the fun.

I decided to make the Company name By kimB and start sub company’s so I’m not restricted to one style of creativity.  I have a lot going on in this mind of mine and I need to be able to properly identify my products.

So what this means is that I will have a line called punKy J By kimB as you are familiar with.  I will still have the funky totes, made from recycled products, and always functional.

Then I’m going to have a line called MAN By kimB for…well…Men of course.

And a line that I haven’t named yet for old school shirts and sweatshirts that I will be making into…anything really!

So it’s all the same concept.  1st hand bags from 2nd hand clothes all around.  But covering a broader scope of people.

I’ve already bought the domain name,(which I’ve done absolutely nothing with yet), started a twitter, and a new facebook account and blog.  It’s been a long busy night.  But I THINK I’ve covered all my bases.  So make sure to “like” and “follow” and “subscribe” in those places now.  I won’t be deleting any accounts because like I said, punKyJ does still exsist, but most of the info will be on the By kimB sites.

So hope you see you on the other side =)


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